Danver: GM or Ford

Kamata: Toyota

Gnade: Daimler AG or Audi

Age Solo: Renault or Peugeot Citroen

Assoluto: Ferrari

Soldat: Bugatti and Fiat

Sinseong: Hyundai

Toypop: Bridgestone or Pirelli or Michelin

Mappy: Supermarkets

Bosconian: Biscuits

Solvalou: Low Value Supermarkets such as Poundland but bigger.

Arkbird: Tom's Toyota

Naviway: Garmin

Xevious: Computer Systems

Bacura: Bacteria Fuel and Yoghurt drink company. E.G Yakult or Actimel

Dig(Now subsidiary of Danver): Construction Equipment

Pac: Bank

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