The Kamata-Soldat Merger is a Planned Merger between Italian company Soldat and Kamata. Soldat have 760,000,000 Employees worldwide and 34,500,000 Dealerships. They make 4 Billion Cars a year. Kamata is Merging as Soldat own 13th Racing and Kamata own Angelus, Thus making the ultimate racing team, This merger will happen in 2015, As 13th Racing will make a massive comeback to the sport and P.R.C will have new competition. The new team is 13th Angelus Racing, The team will unite 8,000 Employees into their team, Shinji Yazaki and Enki Gilbert will be the Team Principals, And Robert Christman will Move from Danver to be Chairman of Kamata-Soldat KS Motors, This will make Danver cringe.

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